If you happen to own an AppleTV box and it happens to be connected to the Internet, you can get an up close and personal view of one very probable future of personal media. Go to the settings menu, choose update software and in about 30 minutes your AppleTV will feature video content from YouTube Continue Reading →

MediaBytes – 06.21.07

APPLE issued two YOUTUBE announcements yesterday. AppleTV’s were sent a software update that added YouTube functionality, and the forthcoming iPhone will feature a special Apple-designed YouTube application. YouTube is re-encoding its entire video library in the H.264 format to reduce battery usage on the iPhone and other mobile devices. 10,000 videos will be ready in Continue Reading →
What you are about to read is not an indictment of the iPhone platform, the concept or its design. I truly love the device. It’s just not very useful as a phone, PDA or business tool. Right now, I’m forwarding all of my Verizon calls to my iPhone. I didn’t have the guts to port Continue Reading →
HEARST-ARGYLE TELEVISION has signed a revenue-sharing deal with YOUTUBE. Hearst-Argyle will post local video content from its 26 television stations on the video site, and profit from advertising. This is the first time YouTube has made an agreement with local TV. Five stations will begin posting content today. NBC Universal appointed Katherine Pope as President Continue Reading →
FAIR ISAAC released a study claiming that 10-15% of Internet ad clicks may be fraudulent. Two possible causes were cited: generating increased commissions and draining a competitor’s budget by repeatedly clicking on its ads. WPP will acquire 24/7 REAL MEDIA for over $600 Million. 24/7 distributes online advertising. CW announced a new option for advertisers: Continue Reading →
AMAZON announced a new digital music store. The store will sell unprotected MP3 tracks that can play on almost any device or computer. EMI is the only major label to sign on for the service, which will open “later this year.” GOOGLE will transition to “universal search.” Results will soon integrate video, text, news, and Continue Reading →