If you’ve ever wanted to be able to order food directly from your wrist, today is your lucky day. EAT24, the food delivery app and website that delivers from over 25,000 restaurants across the US, has recently made its app available on smartwatches through the Android Wear store. EAT24 also upgraded and optimized its app for Continue Reading →
Sony SmartWatch 3
Sony on Wednesday unveiled the SmartWatch 3, its first device running Android Wear. The GPS-enabled wearable comes with a square 1.6-inch display, 4GB of internal storage and a 420mAh battery. The company’s previous efforts ran on its own platform and, for all intents and purposes, never took off. The software was lacklustre and the poor Continue Reading →
Sony SmartBand Talk
Sony’s SmartBand Talk is what you’d get if you crossed the company’s original SmartBand (released earlier this year) with the excellent Pebble smartwatch. More of a fitness and lifelogging accessory than a full-blown smartwatch, it does however share an E-Ink display in common with the Pebble timepiece. The SmartBand Talk pairs up with an Android Continue Reading →
Android Wear
David Singleton, Google’s engineering director for Android Wear, the company’s platform tailor-made for wearable devices, is sitting in Google’s headquarters here playing air guitar. As he strums his right hand in front of his Moto 360, the Motorola smartwatch set to hit the market this week, Singleton praises the third-party software developers using Wear. The Continue Reading →
iWatch (Concept)
There’s a reason Apple’s wearable device hasn’t leaked out yet: it won’t be shipping to consumers anytime soon. According to Recode, the iWatch (or whatever Apple ends up calling it) isn’t scheduled to hit retail shelves until early next year — several months after its world debut on September 9th. That means Apple will miss Continue Reading →
iWatch (Concept)
As folks come back from their August vacations, September is poised for another rapid-fire batch of consumer electronics announcements. Samsung, Sony, Motorola and Apple all have major launches scheduled in the next couple weeks, not to mention the IFA show. New smartwatch products are expected at many of those events. Last September was supposed to Continue Reading →
LG G Watch R
Of the three Android Wear smartwatches introduced at Google’s developer conference in June, the Moto 360 was by far the crowd favorite; its circular watchface gives it a classic, elegant look, and a stark contrast to the squarish Samsung Gear Live and LG G Watch. It turns out that LG wasn’t very excited about its Continue Reading →
iWatch (Concept)
We don’t know much of anything about Apple’s upcoming smartwatch, or even if such a thing exists. But as hype, rumors, and expectations reach the pre-release fever pitch we’ve come to associate with a new Apple product, it seems all but certain that Tim Cook will take the stage this fall to announce what Apple Continue Reading →
In one of the clearest signs that Apple is — and has been — working on a smartwatch device, the Cupertino company was on Tuesday granted a patent for a wrist-worn wearable with augmented strap capabilities, support for arm and wrist gestures, advanced proximity-sensing circuitry and much more. As published by the U.S. Patent and Continue Reading →
Google and Samsung are reportedly at odds once again. According to The Information, Google CEO Larry Page is unhappy that Samsung is pushing Tizen as its chosen smartwatch platform. Apparently joining LG in the retail launch of Android Wear wasn’t enough to satisfy Page. The report describes a “tense private meeting” between Google’s leader and Continue Reading →