Death by Social Media

Reuters - Stabbing in Israel
The Arabic hashtag #stab is something I'd rather not see on a social media post. Israel's UN ambassador, Danny Danon, recently showed a version of the instructional graphic that accompanied that hashtag to the UN Security Council with the English-language title, "How to Stab a Jew." Mr. Danon was making a point – but also describing a form of warfare so new it does not yet have a name. Continue Reading →
Twitter Logo
I’m going to leave the punditry about Twitter’s management issues to Chris Sacca and others who have (and will) make suggestions about how to right the ship. What I would like to explore is a simple, obvious fact: Twitter is not a compelling consumer product. Continue Reading →
Conversations vs. Connections
MIT Professor Sherry Turkle wrote a powerful opinion piece in this past Sunday’s New York Times Sunday Review in which she draws a sharp distinction between conversations that take place face-to-face, in the real world, and connections that get made online through social networking sites. Continue Reading →