Sony is warning shareholders to expect poor financial results for its fiscal year ending March 31, 2014. The electronics giant previously expected to pull in an operating income of 80 billion yen ($782 million) over the financial year, but is today adjusting that figure down to just 26 billion yen ($254 million). The sharp reduction Continue Reading →
Ever get “ghost hands,” where you’re always trying to take the smartphone away from a novice to show them how it’s done? Well, Sony is working on something a little more polite. The company has announced Evolution UI, an intentionally hobbled Android launcher that forces you to perform perfunctory tasks before you can properly use Continue Reading →
Sony said Friday there was a risk that batteries made by Panasonic in nearly 26,000 of Sony’s newest Vaio personal computers could overheat and catch fire, the latest product glitch for the Japanese electronics and entertainment giant. As a result, Sony is asking customers to stop using its Vaio Fit 11A laptop as soon as Continue Reading →
Sony SmartWatch 2
Sony will continue to strike its own path when it comes to its wearable products. The company won’t be using Google’s recently unveiled Android Wear, a modified version of Android specifically designed for wearable products, as the basis for its own smartwatch, according to Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile’s US arm. Instead, he said Continue Reading →
PlayStation 4
During the lead up to the PlayStation 4’s launch, Sony promised that it would enable gamers to shut off HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) post-launch and allow unrestricted video capture over HDMI. That day is almost here, as the company’s just announced its intention to release two new system updates mostly focused on the console’s Continue Reading →
Sony's SmartBand Fitness Tracker
Sony’s SmartBand, the first product powered by the company’s new Core fitness tracker, will be released worldwide in March. We got our first look at the product back at CES in January, and Sony is showing it off yet again here at Mobile World Congress. The company believes the SmartBand and all devices that integrate Continue Reading →