MediaBytes 11.14.2007

BEBO unveiled “Open Media,” a new video service offering free content from Turner, CBS, BBC, MTV and others. Broadcasters will create channels on the system using their own players, which allows them to sell advertising and retain control of the user experience. Bebo will not take any advertising money from in-video spots but will offer Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 11.08.2007

AOL has purchased advertising network QUIGO for around $350 million. Quigo sells ads for the sites of ESPN, Forbes, Time Inc. magazines and more. It will become part of the newly formed Platform A division. Time Warner announced its 3Q earnings yesterday, and AOL revenue was down 38% to $1.2 billion. Almost half of that Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 11.05.2007

THE WGA began its strike at midnight after Sunday’s 10-hour marathon negotiation broke down. Writers are expected to begin picketing at 9 AM this morning outside high-profile locations, including major studios on the West Coast and Rockefeller Center in New York. The Guild issued a memo telling its writers to spend at least 20 hours Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 11.01.2007

THE WRITERS GUILD contract expired this morning and no new agreement has been signed. A strike could be ordered at anytime. Last night, in last-minute meetings, the companies and producers told the WGA to withdraw its demand for higher residuals from DVD sales. WGA negotiators rejected the order and halted the negotiations. The Guild has Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 10.18.2007

BEST BUY has stopped selling all analog TV sets and has ordered stores to pull unsold sets from the shelves, ensuring an all-digital holiday season. The mandate is an aggressive and bold move to prepare for the upcoming digital transition. The retailer has committed to selling digital-to-analog convertors and will stock them by early January. Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 10.01.2007

JOOST will officially release its peer-to-peer Internet TV application to the general public today. The software will be upgraded to offer improved navigation and search, with an open API that allows developers to create Joost widgets. Joost has averaged 50,000 downloads per week while in limited beta, and the company expects that number to reach Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 09.28.2007

APPLE ends the week in the iGutter. Yesterday, the company released an iPhone update targeting users that have installed third-party applications on the device, unlocked it, or otherwise hacked it in some way. The update has rendered some of the phones completely useless, turning them into iBricks. This, absurdly enough, seems to be the intended Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 08.08.2007

NBCU plans to launch early next year. The site is an on-demand advertising site, and will offer an archive of TV commercials,, movie trailers, and other branded content. It will offer brand-specific channels, featuring all commercials by one company. NBCU is hoping advertisers will eventually pay for prominent placement on the site. ESPN plans Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 07.30.2007

CW is preparing to launch its new “cwickie” ad format. On August 10th, during “Friday Night Smackdown,” ELECTRONIC ARTS will lead off three pods with a 10-second cwickie. In addition, EA will run a 60-second isolated spot near the start of the program, and a 90-second isolated spot near the end. All ads will lead Continue Reading →