On the eve of Microsoft’s introduction of Windows 8 in New York on Thursday, a few statements from the company’s CEO, Steve Ballmer, have surfaced that offer significant insight into the software giant’s strategy moving forward. In talking with the BBC, Ballmer gave the strongest indication yet that Microsoft may be in the process of Continue Reading →
Microsoft Surface
Windows 8 is the biggest risk Microsoft has taken in decades and the company’s decision to square off against the very hardware vendors that propelled its meteoric rise adds a whole new dimension to this latest endeavor. Here, BGR reviews the Surface tablet, a device that ushers in a new era at Microsoft that could Continue Reading →

Tablets for Everyone!

Surface and iPad
Microsoft’s Surface tablet debuted on Friday. It’s going to run Microsoft’s new Windows 8 operating system and Microsoft is making a big deal out of it. Is the Surface a Tablet or a Laptop? Perhaps it’s somewhere in the middle. Will you love it or hate it? So much depends on your Windows needs and Continue Reading →

What Windows RT Can’t Do

Windows 8
You probably know that Windows 8 comes in two different versions—Basic x86 Windows (this is what you use now) and Windows RT. They have similar names. They look the same. But there are serious differences between the two—ones you should know about before you plunk down your cold hard cash on a Microsoft tablet. Surface—and Continue Reading →