Chevy Spark EV
Forget pricey Teslas; Chevrolet announced pricing for its Spark EV model at $27,495. If a buyer qualifies for the full federal tax credit of $7,500, that price drops to $19,995. The Spark EV goes on sale in June but will be limited to California and Oregon. California owners will be able to apply further credits Continue Reading →
Sony 75" Class LED TV
Lots of people are asking me what’s on my wish list this holiday season. For me, the list is pretty modest: I’d like a Tesla Model S electric touring sedan. You’d like one too – they are simply awesome! But, since that’s not in the cards, here are the top five tech gifts I’d give Continue Reading →


When you think of NVIDIA, you may think only of desktop graphics cards, but the company is so much more than that. Sure, PC graphics cards are still a major component of its business, but as society and technology move away from a traditional desktop PC model, NVIDIA is right there with it. Did you Continue Reading →
Nikola Tesla
Matthew Inman’s fundraiser for a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla hit its $850,000 goal in less than a week. While the fundraiser never received the corporate sponsorship Inman initially hoped for, it did get two sponsors who pitched in $33,333 each. A nonprofit group named the Tesla Wardenclyffe Project Inc. had been trying for years Continue Reading →
Steve Jobs
I am profoundly saddened by Steve Jobs passing. His vision and unique ability to execute changed the world many times over. Some people say that no one ever truly dies until they are forgotten. I believe that this is true. If it is, Steve will live in the hearts and minds of all of loved Continue Reading →
In 1877 Thomas Edison invented the phonograph.  Ever the showman, Edison liked to demonstrate his device by allowing people to speak into the machine and then playing the recording back for them. However, back in the late 1800’s, the technology was outside almost everyone’s conceptual understanding. Up to that point in history, the only thing Continue Reading →