The Internet of Things

ARM and The Internet of Things

ARM Introduces New Platform for The Internet of Things


It’s the year 2014, and we’ve yet to have our flying cars and commuter jet packs. But we do have a glimpse of the future with the advent of the “internet of things.” It’s essentially the idea of connecting everyday objects — be it thermostats or kitchen appliances — to the web, in an effort […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – October 1, 2014

One day soon, we’ll be able to control just about every element of our homes from our smartphone. Thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign, we can add window blinds to that list. A company called Tilt My Blinds will soon let you control your existing blinds’ tilt mechanism through a smartphone app, wall switch or […]

Smart Home

The Smart Home Needs to Convince People They Want It


Right now, most people don’t want a smart home. And while about 13 percent of people have an internet-connected device that isn’t a computer, phone or tablet in their homes, according to research from Parks Associates, the marketing of the smart home for the consumer is still very far out of reach. Last week, I […]


Insteon Adds Cortana Functionality to Simplify Your Smart Home


If you have Insteon gear set up in your home (a fair number of people do) and you also are toting a Microsoft handset (a smaller number) then you can control your home via voice command using Microsoft’s Cortana personal digital assistant. Since I’m a huge fan of voice control in the home, and we’re […]


Huawei Buys Neul, an Internet of Things Networking Startup


Huawei has acquired Neul, a Cambridge, U.K.,-based radio module maker focused on the internet of things. The move marks an interesting new direction for Huawei, which is already one of the largest manufacturers of wireless networking technologies the world. Neul specializes in the industrial side of the internet things: the billions of sensors, instruments and […]