SIM Card
Japanese carrier Docomo has announced an interesting concept design that could change the way we use mobile devices: a wearable that takes the SIM out of your phone and puts it onto your wrist to create an authentication device for all your hardware. It’s calling it the Portable SIM, and it takes the SIM card Continue Reading →
Smart Hoodie
Wearable electronics don’t just have to go on your wrist or your face, it turns out: students in New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) have designed what they call the “Smart Hoodie,” a hooded sweatshirt with a GSM radio sewn in that can respond to different gestures. The creators show three of those gestures Continue Reading →
The Internet of Things
The value that comes from connecting your thermostat to the internet isn’t that you can now control it from your smartphone, or that it’s a theoretical home for new ads. The value is that you suddenly have access to cheap information about the temperature of your home, and by collating other data points or simple Continue Reading →
The Internet of Things
The Internet of Things may be one of the clumsier neologisms to have emerged in recent times, but that has seemingly done nothing to slow its growth. For those unfamiliar with it, the Internet of Things (also known as M2M or machine to machine) refers to an expanding network of interconnected internet-enabled devices. Driven by Continue Reading →
The Internet of Things
Plasma Computing Group recently announced the launch of — a directory dedicated to the Internet of Things (IoT) evolution. The platform offers IoT solutions and products that Plasma describes as ‘eye-openers’ to those less familiar with the vast variety available today. Already featuring companies like Dropbox, Facebook, Twitter and more, it features listings about Continue Reading →
Big Ass Fans Haiku
Big Ass Fans, a company that began in 1999 making a 14-foot fan for industrial customers before eventually branching out into the home market 13 years later, is adding smarts to its residential ceiling fans. But unlike many companies that slap a Wi-Fi chip and an app on their connected products, the Lexington, Kentucky company Continue Reading →