AT&T has ended its unlimited wireless data plan. Should you care? What does it mean? Does it make sense? All good questions, let’s try to sort it out. Note: If you are an existing AT&T customer with an unlimited data plan, this announcement will not have an impact on your phone bill — unless you Continue Reading →

iPad is All the Rage

Today’s most interesting stories in technology, media and entertainment: Apple sold approximately 700,000 iPad’s this weekend. The response has been exuberant, with Wired calling it a “gorgeous, media browsing luxury.” While some critics have had mixed feelings, Apple has sold more iPad’s this weekend than it did when the iPhone debuted and took 74 days Continue Reading →
JUST BEFORE THE OPENING CEREMONIES of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Brian Williams spent a moment touting a remarkable technological achievement: NBC would broadcast its coverage of the games in HDTV. Williams went on to espouse the virtues of high-definition: 16×9 aspect ratio, richer, fuller colors–the whole sales pitch. I was very excited. After all, Continue Reading →
It’s the dawn of a new year–filled with excitement, possibilities and promise. By now all of the new HDTV sets are hooked up, new iPods are formatted, iTunes accounts are set up, and BitTorrent 4.2.2 is properly installed. Let the media frenzy begin. Just one problem … according to studies by SA and Leichtman, over Continue Reading →