The State of Videogame Journalism


Re-syndicated from New York Videogame Critics Circle It’s a bit of a horror story, an American horror story, and I’m not talking about the new television show about to premiere on the FX network. In the past week, what can only be described as terror has struck fear in the hearts and minds of many […]


I Choose No Deal, Howie!


For years, digital start-ups looked to advertising as the magic bean that would pay the bills and drive their valuations. Over time, many people, especially VCs, began to sour to the concept. After all, it’s no secret that banner ad rates are pretty darned low. The natural response for many pubs and start-ups was simply […]

The Paradigm of Prediction


A system that is over-reliant on prediction through leverage, (like the banking system before the recent crisis), hence fragile to unforeseen “black swan” events, will eventually break into pieces. –Nassim Taleb I don’t read many business books anymore. For years I devoured them voraciously. But something happened to me as I began to realize that […]

Understanding AT&T’s New Limited Data Plan


AT&T has ended its unlimited wireless data plan. Should you care? What does it mean? Does it make sense? All good questions, let’s try to sort it out. Note: If you are an existing AT&T customer with an unlimited data plan, this announcement will not have an impact on your phone bill — unless you […]