Vancive Metria
Wearable technology usually evokes images of fitness-tracking wristbands such as the Jawbone UP or FitBit Force. More athletic types might envision Polar H7 strap-on heart rate monitors or Nike Fuel bands, while others might think about Samsung’s Galaxy Gear or try to imagine what Apple’s new iWatch might look like. But wearable technology is quickly Continue Reading →
Sony SmartWatch 2
Sony will continue to strike its own path when it comes to its wearable products. The company won’t be using Google’s recently unveiled Android Wear, a modified version of Android specifically designed for wearable products, as the basis for its own smartwatch, according to Ravi Nookala, head of Sony Mobile’s US arm. Instead, he said Continue Reading →
Moto 360
On the heels of the announcement of Google’s Android Wear, the company’s smartwatch-centric wearables OS, Motorola announced the Moto 360, one of the first Android Wear devices. The Moto 360 is the first smartwatch that actually looks like a normal watch, with a round display and body. It looks like it’s going to be built Continue Reading →
If Pebble is the smartwatch category’s David, surely Google is its Goliath. This week, Google announced Android Wear, a version of its popular mobile operating system, with launch partners such as Motorola and its Moto 360 watch, due in the summer. When devices like the Moto 360 arrive, they’ll join the massive Android community, one Continue Reading →
Android Wear
Google on Tuesday announced Android Wear, its effort to take the operating system beyond the phone and tablet and into the brave new world of wearables. The effort is starting with watches, though Google suggested it sees a broader role for Android. Earlier this year the company also detailed an effort to get Android into Continue Reading →
Basis B1
Intel has won the Basis auction, we’re hearing, at a price of around $100 million, according to one source. A second source pegs the deal at closer to $150 million. Basis makes wristwatch health trackers, capturing 7 percent of the market versus competitor Jawbone’s 21 percent. As Intel was all about the wearables this year Continue Reading →
While Apple hasn’t yet launched any sort of fitness tracker, it looks prepared for big things in the near future. Apple was recently granted a patent for a biometric headphone system that could track your temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels. The entire fitness monitoring system is built into a set of headphones – meaning Continue Reading →
There are wearables to track your exercise activity, food consumption and sleep habits. There are even wearables that want to be smartphones-lite. But never before has there been a portable tracker for daily sunlight exposure. That’s a niche GoodLux is looking to fill with its SunSprite, a solar-powered, Bluetooth 4.0 wireless device with a Harvard Continue Reading →