Sony Smartwatch 2
Technology giants such as Samsung, Microsoft, Google and maybe even Apple are just now realizing there may be a future in wearables, but other tech companies have already been dabbling in smartwatches for some time now. Sony is one example, having recently released its second-generation “SmartWatch 2″ in Europe and Asia, and Sony on Tuesday Continue Reading →
Angela Ahrendts
Cupertino’s latest hire is an interesting one, especially when we think that about all those cool wearables that could one day take pride of place in Apple’s online and physical stores. Angela Ahrendts, currently CEO of Burberry, has been recruited to fill a position that will be created just for her when she switches allegiances Continue Reading →
Tomorrow will not be like today. Today you will experience the slowest rate of technological change in your lifetime. Tomorrow, it will be faster and the pace of change will continue to increase. Managing this change and learning to adapt will separate the successful from the extinct. Adapt or die. That’s what the 6th Annual Continue Reading →
IBM's Watson
Remember Watson, IBM’s Jeopardy champion? A couple years ago, Watson beat the top two human champions Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter at a game where even interpreting the cue is complex with language nuances. (Not to mention finding answers at lightning speed on any subject matter.) Yet after the initial excitement, most people – except Continue Reading →
The future of wearable devices is one of the hottest topics at the 2013 Innovation by Design Conference, but according to Jawbone CEO Hosain Rahman and designer Yves Béhar, there is no one iWatch to rule them all. In fact, as they told a live audience at a Q&A panel moderated by Fast Company’s Austin Continue Reading →
Video Conferencing
Global unified communications (UC) revenue for the second quarter of 2013 grew 34 percent compared to the same quarter last year, gaining market share on traditional PBX alternatives, Infonetics reports. Experts see mainstream UC adoption as just beginning, with enterprises increasingly likely to adopt unified communications solutions in coming years. For businesses and investors looking Continue Reading →
Intel just announced its smallest silicon yet. It’s called Quark, and it’s one-fifth the size of the company’s existing Atom cores, and uses one-tenth the power. Intel CEO Bryan Krzanich just pulled out the tiny Quark X1000 chip at the 2013 Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in San Francisco, and explained that it’s for the internet Continue Reading →
The crowdfunding campaign for the Kreyos smartwatch project has passed $1 million in support, proving once again that backers love them wearables. Kreyos is still at a fraction of the $10 million of support that Pebble raised last year, but it has managed to raise 10 times the amount it was asking for on IndieGogo. Continue Reading →
When Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth began shipping Ubuntu nine years ago, he created “Bug #1.” Its title was “Microsoft has a majority market share,” and Shuttleworth said “[t]his is a bug which Ubuntu and other projects are meant to fix.” Shuttleworth has declared the bug “closed,” but the bug wasn’t fixed as a result of Continue Reading →