Aereo to Launch in Austin, its Fourth City in Texas, on March 3


Aereo, the online TV startup that streams over-the-air broadcasts via tiny, individual antennas, said Monday it will launch in Austin, Texas, on March 3. This follows its rollout in San Antonio last week and an expansion to Dallas/Fort Worth and Houston last year. However, the announcement also comes a week after a US District Court […]

Netflix and Comcast

Netflix to Pay Comcast for Faster, More Reliable Streaming Service


Comcast, the country’s largest cable and broadband provider, and Netflix, the giant television and movie streaming service, announced an agreement Sunday in which Netflix will pay Comcast for faster and more reliable access to Comcast’s subscribers. The deal is a milestone in the history of the Internet, where content providers like Netflix generally have not […]


Report: Comcast and Netflix Have Resolved Their Peering Dispute


Comcast and Netflix appear to have resolved their differences over network peering, which has frustrated many Netflix users over the last few months with slow, intermittent service as a result of the dispute over the business of interconnecting networks. Bryan Berg, a co-founder of App.net, has posted Github a traceroute of traffic between Netflix and […]


Report: Amazon Prepping a Web TV Box for a Launch in March

Amazon is gearing up to take on Apple and Roku, again. Industry sources say Amazon is getting ready to launch a Web TV box that would compete with Apple TV and Roku’s line of products, which make it easy to move video from the Internet onto your TV. People I’ve talked to who are partnering […]