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Shelly Palmer Radio Report – September 16, 2014


Destiny, the first big ticket, cross-platform next-gen game is finally here. While other high profile games came out earlier this year –Titanfall on Xbox One and Infamous on PlayStation 4 – Destiny is the first game that’s a true next-gen system seller across the board. Everywhere except the Wii U, which isn’t getting Destiny. There […]


The Best Video Games That E3 2014 Had to Offer


Another round of E3 keynotes have come and gone, leaving video game fans waiting months (or more) to get their hands on the games they’ve drooled over this week. While I haven’t spent much time playing video games lately – I spent more time watching all five major addresses (Microsoft, EA, Ubisoft, Sony and Nintendo) […]


Nintendo at E3 2014: Zelda, Smash Bros., Captain Toad and More

Nintendo held its special ‘Digital Event’ for E3 2014 on Tuesday – forgoing a traditional press conference again in favor of a pre-recorded video. The segment was packed full of new video games, details and announcements, so if you happened to miss all the excitement – here’s a breakdown of everything the iconic developer and […]