In a quiet blog post after markets closed on Friday, Yahoo announced it will be “sunsetting” 12 of its services over the coming months, beginning as soon as today. Among the casualties is Yahoo Axis, a rather attractive and creative search browser the company debuted just one year ago. Also particularly relevant and perfectly timed: Continue Reading →
Days before an amended online child protection rule by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) comes into effect, Yahoo has laid out its plans to comply with the changes required. The updated Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which aims to strengthen privacy protection for children under 13 and give parents more control over the Continue Reading →
Yahoo has spoken up to clarify claims made over the US government’s PRISM program two weeks after the news broke. CEO Marissa Mayer said Yahoo received between 12,000 and 13,000 requests from US law enforcement agencies between December 1, 2012 and May 31 2013. However, the requests aren’t only from FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act). Continue Reading →
In a secret court in Washington, Yahoo’s top lawyers made their case. The government had sought help in spying on certain foreign users, without a warrant, and Yahoo had refused, saying the broad requests were unconstitutional. The judges disagreed. That left Yahoo two choices: Hand over the data or break the law. So Yahoo became Continue Reading →
As the world waits to see if Yahoo will succeed in bringing Hulu into the Sunnyvale fold, it’s worth asking a long-term question about Yahoo and video. That question is this: Could Yahoo ever become the next major TV network — alongside ABC, CBS, Fox, and NBC? I think the answer is yes. And it’s Continue Reading →
Yahoo announced on Wednesday that on July 15, the company will be offering “short, sweet, and memorable” Yahoo IDs up for grabs. It is doing this by freeing up Yahoo IDs like that have been inactive for at least 12 months so users like can finally get a useful email address. The plan Continue Reading →
Thought Yahoo’s acquisition spree would culminate with a $1.1 billion deal for Tumblr? Nope, not so much. In fact, the buy-happy company just quietly made its second acquisition in 24 hours — in two different markets, no less. Yes, Yahoo followed this morning’s purchase of iOS photo app maker, GhostBird Software, by making a play Continue Reading →
A month after Tumblr introduced sponsored posts into its native mobile applications, the company is bringing those same brand advertisements to its web dashboard. Launch partners for these new “Sponsored Web Posts,” as they’re called, include Viacom, Ford Motor Company, Universal Pictures, Capital One, AT&T, Denny’s and Purina. Tumblr users will be able to reblog, Continue Reading →
According to numerous sources close to the situation, Yahoo has bid from $600 million to $800 million for the premium video site Hulu. The reason for the wide range is due to the fact that the Silicon Valley Internet giant — similar to most bidders in the new effort to acquire Hulu — has proposed Continue Reading →