Have you ever wondered how to maximize the word of mouth from your Super Bowl ad? The Super Bowl remains the most watched annual TV event in the United States – an average of 44% of all homes watched last year. It’s not so much a TV show as a major cultural phenomenon. Its ability Continue Reading →

Memes to Movements

The three forces of the Shift Age are the Flow to Global, the Flow to the Individual and the Accelerated Electronic Connectedness of the planet. There are 7 billion humans alive today and 5.3 billion of them have cell phones. 3 billion people connect to the Internet every day. These are the forces and the Continue Reading →
Social Media
The FBI has asked contractors to create an application that would let the agency scrape social media websites for information about potential domestic and international threats. The program would only collect information users make publicly available on sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The information will be analyzed to predict the actions of suspect groups. Continue Reading →
Ed Spychalski
This is an educational story about how a problem escalates if not handled promptly and properly. The local HUD Housing Authority Board of Directors in Saratoga Springs, NY is in the middle of a public relations disaster and is fanning the fire with all of the wrong actions. This NBC video summarizes the story. Originally Continue Reading →
YouTube announced that it now streams a staggering 4 billion videos a day. The online video site is still growing in popularity, seeing a 25% increase in views in the past eight months. YouTube is generating about $5 billion a year in advertising revenue. Continue Reading →
[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that police must obtain a warrant before tracking a suspect’s car with GPS. Using electronic surveillance is allowed in public spaces, but physically placing a GPS in a suspect’s car is considered an unlawful search that violates the Fourth Amendment. In other Continue Reading →
Choosing to not understand how the Internet works is no longer an acceptable option, especially for those tasked with regulating it. The late Ted Stevens made Congress’s ignorance of the World Wide Web famous when he said the Internet isn’t a dump truck, but a series of tubes. This statement was made in 2006, but Continue Reading →
Originally posted at A friend of mine in the research industry used to give out little post-it-notes to trainee analysts that said “be wrong boldly.” Her reasoning – if you are bold and right, you will be hailed as a prophet. If you’re wrong, most likely the crowd will have moved on by the Continue Reading →

The GameTruck Experience

Re-syndicated from New York Videogame Critics Circle The rain was whipping horribly as darkness descended on lower Manhattan. On the face, the pelting rain felt like tornado-spewed hail, biting into the pores. The clothes were soaked within a minute. Jorge Jimenez and I stood near the Williamsburg Bridge, waiting for the GameTruck, a party rental Continue Reading →
Google launched a website dedicated to providing information for the 2012 U.S. elections. If you visit you can find articles sorted by candidates, issues and trends. The site also provides links to the 2012 political calendar and YouTube’s politics channel which curates election coverage. Read the full article at Continue Reading →