Disney to Distribute Original Video Series on YouTube


Disney and YouTube made a deal to produce a video series based on the popular app “Where’s My Water?” Disney will create the content and YouTube will remain a neutral distributor. The partnership hopes to have eight original series being produced at a time. Read the full article at


Well, Hello Drachma!

The Eurozone is a mess. Mathematics, common sense, recognition of a changed reality, and, yes, democracy have all taken a back seat to a deep-seated, ego-related loyalty to a broken idea from the 20th century. This is one of a number of situations today where legacy thinking from the last century is propping up institutions […]

Shelly Palmer Radio Report – November 8, 2011

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”Click to play … ” dl=”0″] Barnes & Noble announced the newest addition to its Nook devices, the 7-inch Nook Tablet. The device is comparable to Amazon’s Kindle Fire, but has slightly better hardware, battery life and storage capabilities. The tablet costs $250 and has access to the popular apps Pandora, Netflix and […]

Google TV

Tomorrow Will Be Televised: Google TV & YouTube—Game 2.0 On


In years ahead, people might look back at the events of last Friday afternoon as watersheds for interactive TV and new channel development, if Google gets its aims straight. If those aims, cultivating worthwhile interactive applications and the next generation of diverse TV content, become embraced by the public, direct all the credit to what […]


YouTube Launching 100 Channels of Online Content


Google also announced that YouTube would become home to around 100 channels of content. Many channels will feature content by celebrities including Ashton Kutcher and Jillian Michaels. YouTube has paid over $100 million to channel partners and will offer up to 55% ad revenue to content creators. Read the full article at