Data Mining Disney – A Magical Experience

“Have a magical day!” is the way Disney cast members wish you farewell.  They’re not kidding.  The “happiest place on earth” does its best to make it so.  The cast members (Disney-speak for employees) help, but Walt Disney World is well on its way to achieving consciousness.  How?  As Arthur C. Clarke so eloquently stated, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Are You Ready for Data Science?

Data science is all the rage.  Almost every CMO I know wants a data scientist for their very own – they are the status symbol du jour for senior executives everywhere.  But… building the right data science team for your organization is not as easy as picking the right data scientist. 

Freewheel WiFi Phone Service From Cablevision – Taking "Voice as an App" to a New Level

Earlier this week, the digerati assembled at the Gramercy Park Hotel to hear a very proud James Dolan, CEO of Cablevision Systems Corporation and Executive Chairman of The Madison Square Garden Company, gleefully announced the launch of Cablevision's Freewheel WiFi Phone Service.