Our Senior Team

Shelly Palmer

President & CEO



Alexis Palmer Zinberg

EVP Client Services & Events


Jim Turner

EVP Advisory Services & Solutions



Channing Dawson

Senior Advisor

Contact Information

The Palmer Group
PO Box 1455, New York, NY 10156-1455
Phone: +1 212-532-3880
E-mail: info@shellypalmer.com
Twitter: @shellypalmer

Our Vision

We envision a seamlessly connected world, evolving at an exponential pace, filled with technological wonders that improve and enhance people’s lives.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help our clients manage the accelerating pace of change by identifying emerging technologies, providing early signal analysis and offering solutions that create value.

Our Values

  • Honesty – we always tell it like we see it.
  • Service – we strive to give our clients best-in-class experiences.
  • Expertise – we know and use the products we speak about.
  • Education – we are fulltime students-of-the-art and we strive to be great teachers.
  • Passion – we truly love what we do for a living.
  • Sustainability – we transfer knowledge to empower our clients.
  • Abundance – we give away knowledge to empower our community.
  • Diversity – we strive to be reflective of the world we serve.
  • Practice – we practice relentlessly.
  • Transparency – we believe in open, transparent communication.
  • Social Responsibility – we believe we will do well by doing good.
  • Simplicity – we strive for simple, elegant, intuitive solutions that are instantly recognizable as such.

Our Story

The Early Years

After graduating from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1979 with a B.A. in direction and production of film and television, Shelly Palmer’s first full-time job was as a staff composer and producer for Don Elliot Productions.

By 1982, Palmer had raised enough money to build a digital recording studio, one of the first in the world. He opened Shelton Leigh Palmer & Co., which had principle offices and studios located on East 57th Street in New York City. His company primarily serviced the top 25 AAAA advertising agencies. Palmer also started a small electronic mail and BBS company called Musicom to enable touring musicians, tour operators and concert promoters to communicate using portable computers and modems over telephone lines.

Shelton Leigh Palmer & Co. (soon to become known as SLP&Co.) quickly became busy, composing music for companies like Burger King, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, AT&T and Meow Mix, among others. By 1986, the company built Creative Audio Recording Services, the world’s first commercial tapeless digital audio studios in Midtown Manhattan. That year SLP&Co. started creating and producing music videos and television commercials as well.

In the late 1980s, SLP&Co. branched out again, this time to full service advertising. Palmer became creative director and agency of record for Seagram’s Soft Drinks, No Excuses Jeans and Candie’s Shoes, among others.

SLP Productions

SLP&Co. soon expanded to become SLP Productions, Inc. In order to handle the ever-growing production work, the company was divided into six operating divisions: Full Service Advertising, Film/Television Production, Music Production, Radio Production, Broadcast Services and Palmer Intermedia, an Internet division. The company operated complete, in-house, digital audio, video and graphic arts production that serviced the advertising, television, radio and film industries worldwide.

Palmer Advanced Media

In the early part of 2001, SLP Productions closed their studios in New York City and Los Angeles in order to concentrate on an evolving business model in advertising, production and technology consulting. The company thereafter restructured, with a primary focus on digital solutions, television production, advertising and advanced media.


ShellyPalmer’s four operating divisions have been folded into The Palmer Group:

  • ShellyPalmer Strategic Advisors which offers deep-knowledge subject matter expertise and strategic counsel to brands, media, advertising, entertainment, technology companies and trade organizations — with a special focus on consumer behavior.
  • Technology Solutions Group which offers complete, end-to-end technology solutions with a special emphasis on UX and UI.
  • Client Services & Events which helps our clients maximize their time and increase ROI with custom-curated, interactive tours and briefings at CES, KBIS, MWC, NAB, NRF, and CEDIA, and creates best-in-class learning environments and experiences that lead to concrete outcomes, clear accountabilities and next step action items that drive results.
  • ShellyPalmer Media Group which creates, produces and distributes omnichannel content to build loyal communities around our subject matter expertise and helps our clients realize their creative and production goals with award-winning creative teams that specialize in film, television, radio, online, mobile and digital products.