Schools Replacing Textbooks with iPads


Schools across the nation are testing pilot programs that would equip students with iPads. New York City public schools have ordered over 2,000 alone, with cities in Virginia, California and North Carolina following suit. The device could have some educational merit, however a $750 iPad is much harder to replace than a textbook. Read the full article at



Shelly Palmer

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  1. Paula Lynn says:

    That’s tax money, not the schools’. Unless the parents put a $750 in an escrow account. Here’s another business goody. Rentals including insurance for equipment that becomes obsolete. As I said before, I do believe school systems should be hiring you for their opening session (if they weren’t too lazy to have one – yes, they could do it on line.)

  2. Timothy says:

    Why iPads when Kindles & Nooks do ebooks at much less cost?

  3. $750 ?

    Are the schools buyng the fully loaded 3G versions ?

    More likely, they are using the basic wifi only $499 versions. And probably not even paying that much with Apple’s usual educational discounts.

    And for schools that have been using MacBooks, they are far cheaper in purchase and system maintenance costs.

    Not to mention, textbooks aren’t all that cheap, either.

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