Netflix’s Starz Content Going Away Indefinitely



Netflix’s contract with Starz ends today, removing some of the service’s most popular content from its library. Starz provided television and movies from Sony and Disney like Toy Story 3 and Tangled. The companies aren’t expected to strike a new deal. Read the full article at



Shelly Palmer

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  1. @worldofcontent says:

    The reality is that Starz was not popular enough in proportion to overall Netflix viewing.  Yes, it’s marquee content but marquee content is only a portion of the Netflix consumer proposition and they’re more inclined to spend that cash on original programming that generates real buzz.

  2. Adam says:

    That is unfortunate for all those Netflix customers, there were a lot of good movies on that list. I can’t believe they let all of those Disney movies go. There will be a lot of disappointed children out there and frustrated parents too. It kind of makes me glad that I jumped ship in favor of the Blockbuster @Home service from DISH. My family and I still have access to most if not all of the content that Netflix is loosing. As a DISH employee I think we still have a pretty good relation ship with Starz. I don’t expect that content to go anywhere soon.

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