Publishing firm: iOS UDID leak came from us, not the FBI



A digital publishing company named BlueToad has come forward to take responsibility for the leak of a million iOS unique device identifiers (UDIDs) that were previously attributed to an alleged FBI laptop hack. In a number of interviews published Monday, BlueToad apologized to the public for the incident, explaining that hackers had broken into the company’s systems in order to steal the file. The company says, however, that it had “nowhere near” the alleged 12 million UDIDs that hacking group AntiSec claims to have in its possession. Read the full story at ARS Technica.



Shelly Palmer

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  1. Dean Collins says:

    uhm just because Blue Toad had the same customer data subset doesnt mean the FBI didnt have these UDID’s (…and more).

    Thats like saying that Shellys rolodex contains some of the phone numbers as my rolodex and therefor i stole my rolodex from Shelly and not from meeting these people independently.

    Personally having a list of UDID’s is pretty inoccuous, the bigger issue is what else was the FBI matching against these UDID’s?

    Lol of course they could also be setting up a honeypot….expect Blue Toad servers to attract some interesting visitors this week.

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