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Audi Connect

Audi Connect

Everyone knows that Audi is one of the world’s pre-eminent automotive manufacturers. It makes sleek, sexy, beautiful cars.

But it also does some things that go a little under the radar.

One cool thing is Audi Connect. Audi says it offers drivers and passengers alike the ability to access current information and enhance their enjoyment of their Audi vehicle. How does it accomplish this, you ask? Simple: it delivers the internet to your Multimedia Interface, or MMI.

One example is Audi Connect Navigation, enhanced by Google. It delivers Google Earth and travel destinations to your vehicle, giving you a true aerial view of your route by combining the 3D terrain of Google earth with continuously updated SiriusXM traffic data. It also features Google Local Search and myAudi Destinations.

Or take Audi’s Travel and Weather Services, which keep you up to date on whatever information you’d like to know, like news, gas prices and more. To keep you safe and minimize distractions, your car only streams news while the car is stationary. You can choose from several different news categories and scroll through headlines of recent stories. See something you like? Select the headline to read the full story, including pictures! Pretty great. This feature also keeps you up to date with local gas prices, sorted by price or distance. Or maybe you’re looking for travel information, like local landmarks. Audi Connect has that, too. Weather? You bet.

Maybe the coolest option is to turn your Audi Connect into a mobile hotspot, allowing anyone in your car the ability to browse and access the Internet from whatever device they may have. Got a big family? No worries: the hotspot allows up to eight devices to be connected at one time. Audi knows safety is paramount, though, and features prominent warnings about minimizing distractions while driving.

Never again will driving be boring. Audi helps you remain connected at all times – it’s up to you to use them effectively and, most importantly, safely.

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