CES 2013: LG Showcases Curved-Screen TV

LG Curved-Screen TVsLG Electronics plans to throw consumers a curve. At the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company unveiled an OLED television with a curved screen.The five-degree curve is supposed to correct for a phenomenon in human perception in which images seem to “drop off,” or degrade, toward the edges of a flat screen. The curve overcomes that problem, said Tim Alessi, director of new product development at LG. There is no planned launch date for the curved TV, but LG also announced it would be the first to market with an OLED TV, a 55-inch model due in March with a price tag of $12,000. OLED technology demands less power than standard screens and throws off little heat while producing vivid pictures with deep blacks. OLED screens are used now in many smartphones, but it is costly to produce the large panels needed for TVs. Other manufacturers are also working on OLED models, including Samsung, which uses the material extensively in its phones.

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Shelly Palmer

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  1. Uriah Romero says:

    $12,000 is really steep for a TV, but it’s
    understandable since it has new technology. I’ll probably look at getting one
    when the price goes down a bit. My DISH coworker that came with me to CES didn’t
    know whether he liked the curved TV or the 4K TV more. It would be really nice
    to pair a few of these with the DISH Hopper and Joeys that I got a few months
    ago. I like that this whole-home DVR will let my family watch up to 4 HD
    programs in different rooms, so I’m sure they would appreciate TVs like this.

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