Verizon’s Share Everything Plan and Me: Wait, It’s HOW Much?

Galaxy S IV (Maybe)My current Verizon phone is eligible for an upgrade in March. (Coincidentally, within a week of when Samsung is expected to announce its Galaxy S IV. I’m very excited.) I’m currently on a family plan, still grandfathered in with unlimited data. It’s wonderful.

But ever since Verizon switched over to its Share Everything plan last June, it’s very difficult to upgrade to a new phone and keep that unlimited data. I don’t really want to buy a phone outright, because spending $800 at once is a lot of money (obviously). However, switching over to my own plan (so as to not muck up the rest of my family’s currently unlimited data) is even less appealing.

Because I’m eligible for my upgrade soon and really, really, really hate my current phone, I really looked into Share Everything for the first time today.

What’s the Verdict?

Share Everything drives me crazy. It seems 100 percent geared toward families with lots of devices who need to share lots of data. Even though I’m constantly online, I know I don’t use that much data. Heck, I could probably get away with Verizon’s 1 GB data plan. (Maybe.) But when one gig of data starts at $50 per month, it’s just stupid.

I used to work in retail and we would sell data plans for hotspots and tablets and such. Back then (this was before Share Everything existed), you could get a 3 GB data plan for $35 per month or a 5 GB data plan for $50 per month. Those are numbers that make (more) sense, and numbers I’m used to. But fifty bucks for one gig of data? That’s absurd!

In Share Everything, once you’re at that first level of data, each additional gigabyte is only $10 more per month. That makes sense. I can live with that. I can dig that. That’s exactly what Verizon hopes for, too. By setting the starting bar high and then having small, incremental jumps up, it’s easy to turn that $50 per month into $80 or $90 per month for a few extra gigs.

But a $50 starting point? That’s insane. That means that for me, with just a smartphone, the MINIMUM I can pay is $90 per month. That’s a lot of money for anyone to spend on one phone and one gig of data per month, whether they’re my age or not, whether they have all the money in the world or not.

Other Options Exist… Right?

There’s an easy alternative, though: just switch to another carrier! Duh. But wait. The minimum I could pay per month on AT&T with just one smartphone is $80 per month. That’s unlimited messaging, the same as Verizon, but only 450 minutes (as opposed to unlimited) and only 300 MB of data (as opposed to one gig). That’s awful. That makes even less sense.

The only plans Sprint offers that are significantly cheaper than Verizon’s don’t seem to include ANY data at all, and only limited minutes and restricted messaging. Blech.

In the end, it just makes me sad that my “best” option is to pay about a hundred bucks a month to Verizon, just so I can have a new phone and be able to use it. Oh well. Verizon, I’ll let Fry do my talking for me:

Shut up and take my money!



Joey Lewandowski

Joey is the Manager of Content and Community at ShellyPalmer. With a journalism degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey, he's a die-hard Minnesota Vikings fan, enjoys watching movies and loves all most things tech. You can follow him on Twitter @soulpopped. He's also the co-host of the award-winning* podcast "Sports 4 Starters." (*Note*: No awards actually won.)


  1. Paula Lynn says:

    If you think this is bad, what would you do if you had a couple of kids making $12 an hour and had to pay for all living expenses ? Now take it down to $10 an hour. However technology has improved our lives and certainly it has, it has also been the cause of one of the largest inflationary bumps we have witnessed.

    • ME says:

      Cellphone are not a necessity. And smartphones certinly aren’t. If you need cheaper service there are companies that offer basic cell service for cheaper. If you want fancy smartphones and data access then be prepared to pay for premium service.

    • TED says:

      You don’t need a fricken smart phone. If money is that much of an issue, then I don’t suggest wasting it all on some stupid phone.

  2. ME says:

    It’s not $50 for 1 GB of data. You also getting unlimited texting and minutes included. Try READING what the plan actually offers. The texting and minutes are INCLUDED in the data part of the plan. Look it up. And the texting and minutes are worth $40 of that $50. So the data is only $10. How do I know? Simple. A tablet or mi-fi only Share Everything plan without minutes and texting is $30 for 4 GB. With a phone that has unlimited minutes and texting 4 GB is $70. Simple math says $70-$30 is $40. And since the only difference in the plans is the unlimited minutes and texting simple logic dictates they have a $40 value. If they have a $40 value and the total cost for 1 GB plan is $50 the 1 GB must only cost $10.

    • Theron Poe says:

      you are incorrect…you must add an additional $40 to have the smartphone on the plan. One could argue that the $50 is for data or texting and talking and the $40 is for the remainder. Or you could argue the fact that $85 is for talking and $5 is for data…or you can argue that $89.99 is for talking and $.01 is for data….no matter how you put it on paper….they are still payong $90 for a plan they probably wont use more than 500 minutes on. ITS PLAIN BULLSHIT!

    • Shelby Carter says:

      i HAVE this plan and for 2 phones, with 1 gb shared data and the unlimited talk/text, out total bill every month is $167. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY SEVEN DOLLARS. thats about 484 bucks a phone. and trust me, unless you have wi-fi, one gb of shared data between two people goes SO fast. and it is 50 bucks. then $40 for each line, and 10 bucks a piece for insurance.

  3. LDavis says:

    We recently upgraded one phone out of five on our plan with Verizon Wireless. That phone was the only one that had to have restrictions, the rest of us retained our unlimited data plan. I had done the cost analysis ahead of time and realized that even at our current usage levels, Share Everything was not a money saver for us. The Salesman I talked to tried his best to convince me otherwise, but when I explained my analysis, he had to admit that I had done my homework. Until the last phone on the plan must be upgraded (failing equipment or need for more capability), we are keeping our current plan. And don’t let them sell you a pig in a poke. Share Everything is only good for Verizon Wireless. The only truth here is when you change plans you pay more.

  4. Rick says:

    You don’t have to switch to share everything. You can just changed your unlimited data to a tiered data plan and pay the same you are paying now with getting 2 gigs of data instead of unlimited

  5. Dan12 says:

    Do you really need a smartphone? I use mine primarily for music on wifi. I’m dropping the smartphone and getting a prepaid feature phone that connects to email. $50 a month for unlimited talk text and email. That’s fine for me. As for a hot spot I will buy a Verizon prepaid hot spot and connect it as needed. Another benefit of prepaid is that if you break or lose the phone you can replace it for very little money. Hey if I don’t like the prepaid I’m sure that VZW will take me back.

  6. miaminative305 says:

    What about T-mobile?

  7. Mike says:

    Here’s another option if you’re like me and you use your Verizon smartphone as an Internet hotspot: Buy a slightly used upgrade phone off ebay, put your old SIM card into it, and keep your plan as it is. You don’t have to be switched to Share Everything unless you get a subsidy on your phone from Verizon.

    Meanwhile, to manage data overages on the hotspot part of the plan, which have bit me in the tail end three times to the tune of an extra $20 per GB, spend $88 on a T Mobile 4G Hotspot and buy a $35 card good for 3.5 GB of data that you can use in the next two months. $10/GB is expensive for data, but if you don’t want to deal with the hassle of getting DSL installed at home and you have cut the cord on cable, it’s a lot more reasonable than $20/GB in Verizon hotspot overages.

  8. Logic says:

    Companies like T-Mobile and Ting have unlimited everything and are still cheaper than Verizon. Why anyone would ever go with Verizon or At&t in the year 2013 is beyond me. They charge you a stupid-tax disguised as a line access fee. Eventually Verizon and At&t will charge you a fee to allow you to use your own wifi connection… if you think about it, they already do. #sheeple

    • Simply True says:

      T-mobile is the ultimate stupid-tax. Pay a monthly fee to own your phone your phone??? Verizon is expensive, yet does have the best quality service. I pay $210 for 5 lines on Verizon. Do your homework and you get what you pay for.

  9. dahmer says:

    Verizon and at&t phones especially i phones and s 3 or above will run up data in no time. Reason being is the dhs and nsa spy programs are linked to these phones and local police departments log in encrypted or not and when data you receive comes to you its apart of your plan but the same data sent to 2 locations say the police will cost extra cause the device sent you data on plan but sent them data off plan. There’s nothing you can do about it. And it’s not that their after you its they are very nosey people who usually just look at what your looking at and then log off when it gets uninteresting to them. I guess their bored sitting in patrol cars and at the station. But none the less you get charged for it on your bill.

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