11-Year-Old Girl Scout Told She Can’t Use PayPal for ‘I Care’

Girl ScoutsI am always suspicious when people say they care. Somehow, my first reaction is: “How much?” So I feel more than a pang of sympathy for 11-year-old Emma Vermaak. She is not the only 11-year-old to like One Direction. However, she might be the first 11-year-old who thought to use modern methods to raise money as part of the Girl Scouts’ “I Care” program so troops overseas could enjoy Girl Scout cookies. Inspired in her quest, she thought it might be an idea to use PayPal. This system is not revolutionary. It feels like it’s been around since Jimmy Carter’s time. Yet the Girl Scouts organization seems not to be quite a pal of it. As SteamFeed reports, the Girl Scouts were terribly happy at Emma’s enthusiasm for fund-raising. The organization tweeted: “Emma! We watched your video. This is what Girl Scouts is all about! You’re doing something great and we couldn’t be prouder!”

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Shelly Palmer

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  1. paula lynn says:

    Back to a management problem with people in paid positions to know who shouldn’t be there because they do not know what each technology does and how to apply it. Girl Scout cookies were 45 cents a box and the troops got 5 cents a box towards their activities. I found my first sales basic, take it with you. When the Saint A’s troop kept jumping the gun and take orders before the sale, I took my mother’s grocery cart with the boxes on consignment to the same row houses. 2 boxes on order houses bought 4 more. No waiting. PS: Make sure you mother is cookie chairman/or get a loan.::::::::Fast forward – doesn’t take “gai’n 6 colleges” as my grandmother use to say, to figure out how to improve that same process.

  2. The story gets even weirder. The Girl Scouts have now deleted the original tweet praising Emma. The troop leader told me that the Girl Scout council said I cannot be at booth sales with my daughter because I make the leader uncomfortable. They are definitely trying to push Emma out now…and it will probably work because it has become so awful.

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