How to Turn Off Notification Center in OS X Mavericks

OS X MavericksApple’s Notification Center feature that debuted in OS X 10.7 offers a central location for notices, warnings, and alerts that applications, the system, and other services might issue you. With this feature you can see incoming e-mail, messages, and App Store updates, among other details from programs that support it, or you can use custom utilities to create your own notifications. Unfortunately Apple has made this feature a bit frustrating to deal with, especially for those who may not find it all too useful, or wanted. For those who wish to disable it, Apple has included a Do Not Disturb toggle, but this is only temporary and Notification Center will re-enable the following day. So far, the only way to disable Notification Center has been to go into the underpinnings of it to remove or break it so it will not function; however, this is not a generally recommended approach, and also may be undone by applying an OS update.

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  • Nanny mo

    Yeah, it is annoying. There’s an app that I don’t want to update because the new version is much worse than the old one. Every day or so the App Center tells me to update and there is no – Ignore this Update button. So I click to remove the stupid badge and then I have to Force Quit the Updater. Apple should be about options not you have to be annoyed and can’t turn things off.

  • Paula Lynn

    Thank you. I just picked up my new mac on Sat and I thought I was the only one who finds it not just annoying, but silly. It will not increase buying things. This information brought some sanity back and know what not to do. Priceless.