Amazon’s Holiday Struggles Highlight Need for First-Party Delivery

AmazonSanta can deliver millions of packages in time for Christmas, but apparently, UPS can’t. That’s why you can expect mega-retailers like Amazon and Walmart to eventually take delivery into their own hands. The delivery company with all those brown trucks expected to ship about 7.75 million packages through its air network on the Monday before Christmas, and though we don’t know how many UPS actually handled, The Wall Street Journal says the number far exceeded the company’s capacity. With retailers offering enticing deals — sometimes even lower than Black Friday prices — and promising “just in time” delivery for orders filed as late as 11 p.m. on December 23, there are apparently a massive increase in last-minute orders. Add in a 37 percent jump in orders placed during the last weekend before Christmas, and UPS was swamped with packages.

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