Hulu, Condé Nast Entertainment and other members of the digital video and television industry laid out their measurement and monetization challenges on Wednesday at VideoNuze’s Online Video Advertising Summit. Brands and publishers are well aware of the growing popularity of applying programmatic to direct buys. Hulu for instance has reportedly beta-tested a programmatic exchange for more than a year. “Programmatic is what people want to embrace – if it is worth the effort in terms of pay-out on the buy side and the sell side,” said Peter Naylor, SVP of advertising sales for Hulu. “We are happy to do preferred, guaranteed deals, on a private reserve basis. We are not talking open exchange, RTB (real-time bidding).” As programmatic direct deals from big-name brand advertisers propagate, it’s still unclear how marketers will draw budget to fund these endeavors.

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"Hulu Has Been Beta Testing a Programmatic Exchange" by @ShellyPalmer