Google’s ‘Calico’ Announces $1.5 Billion Anti-Aging Research Center


Calico, the secretive Google-backed life sciences company, on Wednesday revealed plans to build what could be a $1.5 billion research and development center with biopharmaceutical company AbbVie, the recent spinoff of Abbott Laboratories. The new San Francisco Bay Area facility will focus on drug discovery and early drug development for diseases like neurodegeneration and cancer. Calico’s larger aim is lifespan extension. This particular moonshot won’t come cheap. Calico and AbbVie said they are splitting costs equally by each committing $250 million upfront, with an option to add $500 million more. Calico is to lead the first five years of early development, with AbbVie managing late-stage development and commercialization. The goal of Calico is “to develop life-enhancing therapies for people with age-related diseases,” according to Calico CEO Art Levinson, the former CEO of Genentech.

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  1. paula lynn says:

    With that kind of knowledge and ability, what kind of power and control could Google have over your life ? What would you have to do and say to be able to get those “drugs” if you could afford them ? Not all of Google people today will be there in 5 years or more. What could be their ideologies and how could they play out ?

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