Music Production

Shelly Palmer is an award-winning composer and producer of music for advertising, film, television and radio, and a pioneer in the fields of digital audio.

Palmer’s artistic accomplishments include “Anthem” choreographed by David Parsons for the dance company. Shelly conducted the London Symphony Orchestra for the CD.

A prolific composer, he was honored at ASCAP’s 13th Annual Film and Television Awards in the category of “Most Performed Television Themes.” Shelly composed and produced the music for ABC’s hit series Spin City starring Michael J. Fox for which he received ASCAP’s 12th Annual Film and Television Award in the category of “Top Television Series.”

He has also composed memorable themes for “Live with Regis and Kelly,” “CNBC’s Rivera Live” and the theme and musical identification package for the MSNBC network, to name a few. Some of his jingle highlights include the digital debut of the “real” Meow Mix cat singing the classic “Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow” and “Life Should be One part Seagram’s, Two Parts Fun.” Shelly’s music has also been featured on literally thousands of national television and radio commercials for companies like: MCI, American Express, Burger King, Halls Cough Drops, Kodak, TransAmerica Insurance, and Foxwoods Resorts, as well as hundreds of local television news broadcasts nationwide.

A lifelong baseball fan, Shelly was commissioned to compose and produce “Let’s Go Mets!” the official theme song and music video for the 1986 World Champion team. The song was a gold record in 1986 and the video went triple platinum.

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Credit Highlights

Commissioned works composed and produced by Shelly Palmer

Television & Radio Show Themes

Spin City Theme (Dreamworks)
Live with Regis & Kelly (Buena Vista Television)
Rivera Live (CNBC)
Sally Jessy Raphael Theme (ABC Radio Network)
Views (ABC Television Network)
Tom Snyder Theme (ABC Radio Network)
Biography Theme (A&E Network)
Deborah Norville Theme (ABC Radio Network)

Contemporary Orchestrations

MSNBC (The News with Brian Williams Theme)
Lehman Bros (Specter of the Future)
MCI (Meters)
MCI (10 Millionth Customer)
A Night in Cannes Theme
MSNBC (Hip Hop)

Traditional Orchestrations

American Express (Easy Questions)
WABC-TV (Late Movie Theme)
Time Life Books (Medieval Castle)
French’s Mustard (Be Good To Your Food)
Caesar’s Atlantic City (Big Band)
Chips Ahoy (Cookie Madness)
International Youth Exchange (Doors)


ABC Television Network (Only on ABC)
City of Las Vegas (The American Way To Play)
Banana Boat (Get on the Boat)
Seagrams Mixers (Life Should Be)
The Wiz (Nobody Beats The Wiz)
Great Adventure (What The World Should Be)
Bojangles Chicken (Taste of the Country)

News, sports & Station Image Music

NBC Nightly News (arranged, conducted & produced)
Palmer News Package (6/11pm Open)
Millennium 3 (6/11pm News Promo Bed)
Brave New World (6/11pm News Promo Bed)

Meow Mix Anthology – Style Demonstration

Symphony Orchestra (Cat Encounters)
Reggae (Bongo Cats)
Jazz (The Scat Cat)
60’s Rock (The Beach Cats)
Motown (The Motor Cats)
Opera (Baroque Cats)
Country (Down Home Cats)

MSNBC Theme Package – Style Demonstration

South African Chorus
20th Century Orchestra
Tabla & Sitar
Blues Shuffle
Doo Wop Record
Cool Jazz
String Quartet
Guitar & Percussion

Serious Music

Composed and conducted by Shelly Palmer. Performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.
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T’filat Gavrieyl
(Gabriel’s Prayer) a suite for organ in D minor by Shelly Palmer performed by David Higgs