MLB to Make Stadiums Interactive With iOS 7’s iBeacon


Major League Baseball is launching a major initiative to make attending games at stadiums a completely interactive experience for fans. Taking advantage of Apple’s iBeacon indoor mapping, a new feature in iOS 7, the MLB plans to customize its At...

Twitter and the NFL

Twitter Will Soon Embed NFL Highlights in Tweets


Here’s another high-profile ad win for Twitter as it gears up for its IPO: A big partnership with the NFL, which will bring video highlights and other content from America’s most popular sport to the social network. The pact is...

Xbox and The NFL

Microsoft, ESPN and NFL Show Off Robust Xbox One Apps


The highlight is what makes sports come alive, and Microsoft knows that. With the Xbox 360’s ESPN app, which debuted in November 2010 and was expanded two years later to include the sports giant’s full slate of live programming, Microsoft...

Concussion Robot

Robots Will Be Used to Help Treat Football Concussions


When Northern Arizona opens its college football season at the University of Arizona on Friday night, the Lumberjacks’ sports medicine team will have a new member: a robot. VGo (pronounced vee-go) is a two-wheeled, remote-controlled, electrically powered robot developed by...