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PayPal’s new iPhone app lets users send money to each other. Making a transaction is as easy as bumping your iPhone with a friends, and instantly moves money from one account to another. The new application also makes it easy for users to share a restaurant bill by dividing amounts and calculating both tax and tip.

Comcast is set to broadcast the Masters in 3D. The tournament will be one of the first events to be broadcast over a cable network in 3D. The cable provider is also working with IBM to stream the Masters in 3D on the Internet, though users will have to purchase 3D glasses.

A new Netflix application will allow Windows Phone 7 users to stream movies on their phone. The new technology was displayed at a recent keynote and video from the event shows a clear, well-buffered picture. It has yet to have been determined if or when such an application will be available for the iPhone.

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"PayPal iPhone App As Good As Cash" by @ShellyPalmer

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