If you’re a musician and you have an iDevice or a Smartphone or a Tuner or a metronome or a handheld digital recorder, you need to know about Castiv.

The company has three awesome products, the Tab Station and Smart Station, which allow you to easily attach your tablet or your smartphone to a microphone stand and, the Guitar Side-Kick which is specially designed to mount your iPhone-sized device to the neck of your guitar.  It clamps on just above the nut (sort of like a capo) and holds your iPhone, iPod, Tuner or whatever else you want to hold in a perfect position.  If you use running tablature or chord charts or any other apps during practice or performance, this mult-purpose device holding clamp is perfectly designed.

As interesting as the Tab Station is for musicians, you can easily imagine using two of them to create iPad-based teleprompters or, to hold other tablet-sized electronics for performance and production.  Actually, you don’t need to be a musician or even a performer to see a hundred uses for both the Tab Station and the Smart Station.  They are perfect for holding an iDevice, Smart Phone or Tablet wherever you might need one.

There aren’t many small electronics accessories that let your imagination run wild the moment you see them, but Castiv has absolutely captured my imagination.  How will you use these handy little holders?

LVCC, North Hall – 6611

585 Rue Ste-Marthe
St. Hyacinthe, QC J2T 2M4
P: 450 768 7505

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