Facebook recently said it would add an “unfollow” button to hide a friend’s updates who might share a few too many things. You’d still be friends with him, but you wouldn’t have to see his posts clutter your News Feed. If this sounds like a dream come true, there’s no need to wait around for Facebook to officially add the button – you can hide pesky over-sharers today. Here’s how. Find something that bugs you on your News Feed – whether it’s a status update, photo album, app update or anything else – and click the upside down triangle in the top right-hand corner of the update. Then click “I don’t want to see this.” If you want to hide everything from that person, click “Hide all from this person.”  That’s all you have to do! If you want to add that person back to your feed in the future, go to their page, mouse over the “Friends” dropdown at the top, and click “Show in News Feed.” Now, who needs that “Unfollow” button, anyway?

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