SiriFor a feature that has so many uses across all of iOS, it is amazing how many people have never used Siri before. A survey taken in the second half of last year found that as many as 84 percent of users polled were not using Siri following the launch of iOS 7. That means that there are still quite a few individuals that for some strange reason find it awkward speaking into their cell phones. What may make the remaining device owners more comfortable trying out Siri is knowing that you can use Siri with a set of headphones that include a microphone and even Bluetooth headsets. The following will help those that have not used Siri before get started, and show off some of the many situations where Siri can be used on iOS for those among us that are using it. Siri can be configured under the General settings on your iOS device.

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"How to Get the Most Out of Siri on Your iPhone and iPad" by @ShellyPalmer

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