Looking for a device to give seniors the help and safety they need — and also the independence they crave? Look no further than eResponder by Securus.

eResponder, which works anywhere with mobile coverage and is powered by T-Mobile, gets seniors the help they need, anywhere they are. The device helps seniors stay active and independent longer through its two-way voice emergency response system that quickly gets seniors in touch with emergency care specialists able to help. eResponder is also extremely convenient, without many of the hassles commonly associated with similar devices:

  • It’s easily located by 911 operators.
  • It has no need for a landline.
  • It has a battery that lasts for two months — and can send recharge reminders by phone, email or text.
  • Its cell phone coverage expenses are built right into the monthly plan.
  • It’s able to be used in the shower.

To learn more about the device — or to learn where to buy one — visit Securus’ site today.

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