VidCon, the largest online-video convention in the United States, kicked off its weekend-long run on Thursday evening with a keynote address from YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki. There, the company’s new leader announced a slew of creator-friendly additions and upgrades to the YouTube service—perhaps most notably, support for increased video frame rates. Though she was unable to clarify an exact timeframe, Wojcicki confirmed that users will “soon” be able to upload 60 frames-per-second videos. Additionally, creators will be able to attach fundraising services like IndieGoGo and Kickstarter to their YouTube uploads, telling the VidCon audience, “Any viewer can show any creator their love by tipping them any amount between $1 and $500.” Other announced features included a “Creator Studio” app, loaded with analytics data that uploaders can study on the go, along with a pool of public-domain sound effects that can be inserted in any video.

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"YouTube Now Features 60 FPS Playback and a ‘Tip Jar’" by @ShellyPalmer

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