A new partnership between Artec Group and Asda has made Asda the first supermarket in the UK with 3D printing technology. Asda recently installed the Artec Shapify Booth — the world’s first “high speed 3D full body scanner” — in its Trafford Park store. The booth will let customers create a 3D miniature replica (what Artec calls a “shapie”) of themselves.

The booth, which takes only 12 seconds to scan a person, is equipped with wide-view, high-resolution 3D scanners and a rotation rig. The 700 captured surfaces are then translated into a detailed printable file and sent to a printing center where they become 8″ mini-statues (in full color!). Then, just a week later, the statues are back in the store and ready for pick-up.

The possibilities for the technology are limitless — you can make shapies of your family, sports team, wedding party and more.

If the first installation of the Shapify technology is successful, more booths will roll out this fall.

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"Artec’s Shapify Booth is the World’s First 3D Full Body Scanner" by @ShellyPalmer

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