PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4

Sony on Tuesday announced that Share Play will arrive this fall as part of the PlayStation 4’s 2.00 software update. First announced during the PS4’s unveiling, Share Play will let any PSN friend hop into and play your games so long as he or she is a PlayStation Plus subscriber. Here’s the kicker: only one person will actually need to own the game in question. Sony is selling the new feature as a convenient way to have friends help you through the toughest spots of a game’s campaign or earn elusive trophies. It’s basically the virtual equivalent of handing off your controller to the person sitting next to you. Sure enough, Sony likens it to a “virtual couch.” Sound familiar? It should. This level of flexibility is something Microsoft wanted for the Xbox One — before the company’s botched introduction of the console changed everything.

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"PlayStation 4 Owners Can Remotely Play Their Friends’ Games This Fall" by @ShellyPalmer

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