Google AI Can “Nowcast” the Weather

Severe Weather

Weather forecasting is tough. Very tough. It requires immense amounts of data and it is computationally intensive. But Google has published a paper that suggests that AI can use simple radar data to “nowcast” the weather with remarkable short-term accuracy.

Imagine getting a warning that it is going to rain .5″ in the square mile around your home starting in 4 hours. That is what Google means by nowcasting: short-term predictions highly correlated to geographic locations.

The AI has not been introduced into commercial practice yet, and a peer review of the paper has yet to be published, but the science looks hopeful.

As climate change becomes a factor in our daily lives… as we experience once-in-a-hundred-year weather systems on an annual basis… as the notoriously difficult long-term forecasts become more complex… nowcasting fills an important need.


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