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The Big Hump

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The Eskimos have 27 words for snow … The Great Wall of China is the only manmade object you can see from space … there is more than 20% of the value locked up in the Long Tail.  These are all myths that have such romantic power, you just want to believe them – but Continue Reading →

Tom Rogers To Run TiVo

NEW YORK (Reuters) – Tom Rogers, the new chief of TiVo Inc is charged with transforming the company that changed the way viewers watch television into one that makes money for media owners fearful that its technology could wipe out billions of dollars in advertising.   Rogers, who helped engineer landmark deals for NBC and Continue Reading →
“It’s not about content versus technology, it’s about what’s right versus what’s wrong” said Andy Lack, CEO of SonyBMG.  He was referring to the June 27, 2005 Supreme Court decision which makes technology companies liable for how their technology is used.  This is viewed as a big win for content creators and rights holders as Continue Reading →
The Los Angeles Times Reports: Technophiles predicted that the PDA would go the way of the dinosaurs, and it looks like the prediction is about to come true.   Thanks to the success of the MP3 player generally and the iPod specifically, cell phone manufacturers are turning PDA/phones into music-playing PDA/phones, and wireless carriers are Continue Reading →

Apple Cuts iPod Prices

iPod Shuffle
In addition to its bigger announcements of iTunes 4.9 and its new color screen iPod lineup, Apple today quietly dropped the price of the 1GB iPod shuffle to $129, from $149.   The price cut is seen as a move to boost sales and distance the device away from the lower-end iPod mini model. It Continue Reading →

Google expands searches

Google Video
Chris Marlowe reports: Google Video is set to go live Monday, marking the latest step in the evolution of search engines.   In its initial phase, the free service will comb for results through thousands of videos submitted by their owners and still-video captures from more than 20 TV stations. Consumers will need to download Continue Reading →
By the time you read this, the Supreme Court will probably have handed down its decision on the Grokster case.  Most of the pundits say that the Court will let the 1984 Betamax decision stand and single out Grokster’s particular business model as illegal or semi-legal with some restrictions.  This is considered by most to Continue Reading →
This is a copy of the memo:   MEMORANDUM TO: All Cablevision Employees FROM: Charles Dolan and James Dolan DATE: June 20, 2005 RE: Dolan Family Group Offer We are sending this memo to let you know about potential developments regarding the financial structure of the company. As you now know, yesterday, on behalf of Continue Reading →
Every time I’m at a trade show where Consumer Electronics are displayed, I like look around the back of the television sets and video monitors to see what kind of connectors are available for input and output.  This may sound like a silly or overly technical thing to do, but I assure you it is Continue Reading →

Can eBay be Saved?

There was a time, no too long ago; when you could post an auction on eBay and have a reasonable expectation that the person buying from you was a vetted member of the eBay community. Much more importantly, there was a time when you had a reasonable expectation that sending money to someone with a Continue Reading →

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