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Turning 30
Ever wonder what it’s like to be 80 years old? Oliver Sacks, a neurology professor at NYU, shares the truth about life as an octogenarian in a piece for The New York Times called “The Joy of Old Age. (No Kidding).” In the column, Sacks writes: “I do not think of old age as an ever grimmer Continue Reading →
Employers are getting slick about the application process and now use software to sift through resumes for specific keywords. Lauren Weber of The Wall Street Journal explains these ‘applicant-tracking systems in a recent piece called “Didn’t Get the Job? You’ll Never Know Why.” Well, two can play at this game. To combat the ‘tracking’ software, I Continue Reading →
Nokia Lumia 928
Nokia has officially announced the Nokia Lumia 928 for Verizon Wireless in the US, which will go on sale on 16 May.  The Windows Phone 8-toting device, which had been heavily leaked already, was announced on the Nokia Conversations blog.  Like other members of Nokia’s Lumia family, the 928 focuses heavily on camera functionality and Continue Reading →
According to numerous sources close to the situation, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently met with top execs at Hulu, the premium video service whose media company owners have been considering selling it for some months.  Sources said Yahoo is “in the process,” although the Silicon Valley Internet giant has not made any kind of formal Continue Reading →
The New Health Age
In 2010, I wrote a book about the New Health Age. Along with my co-author, Jonathan Fleece, we realized that the discussion about healthcare in America was being driven by fear, ignorance and political manipulation. Any discussion with these three components is a stupid conversation. We decided to write an intelligent book to bring some Continue Reading →
Just under two years ago, HTC’s CEO responded to public pressure by making an equally public promise: “We will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices.” Today, that promise is only half-kept by HTC, while other manufacturers have an even spottier record when it comes to keeping the Android ecosystem as “open” as Continue Reading →
Seed Money
I have found that some of the best advice I have received has not come from investors or mentors, but instead from other founders in my community. Fellow founders’ perspectives are clearer as they are also like you – chipping away at the mountain of work and having bet all-in on the business to succeed. Continue Reading →

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