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Free, weekly online networking salons open to all qualified attendees

Tuesdays from 11:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Zoom

Imagine that you’re walking the halls of your favorite trade show, about to bump into exactly the right person who will propel your business forward.

Remember that serendipity?

That’s exactly what the Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salon re-creates.

Join us for a weekly 25-minute online networking session that brings together the best and brightest minds.

We continually curate the list of attendees to ensure that you are in the right room with the right people.

The goal is simple: introduce yourself to (and network with) one another.

This week (September 21), we’re talking about tattleware.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom no longer come with prebuilt productivity scores, but that has not stopped the rise of spies at work. As more and more business is being done from remote locations, the old adage “what gets measured, gets managed” is alive and well in the form of tattleware.

In this salon, we’ll discuss…

  • Is tattleware a permanent future, or a temporary implementation due to the pandemic?
  • Are you okay with tattleware, or is this type of technology crossing a personal line?
  • Have you had any experience with tattleware? Have you mandated it? Would you?

Come with thoughts, and bring a friend! Who is your +1?

This is a free, weekly online networking salon open to all qualified attendees.



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