Moto X
Motorola made it easier for iPhone owners to transfer some handset data to a new Moto X on Wednesday. A new web tool on the MotoMaker website can grab iOS contacts and calendar events from Apple’s iCloud, said Punit Soni, VP of Product Management at Motorola Mobility. In a Google+ post explaining the new feature, Continue Reading →
Amazon Cloud Player
Amazon’s Cloud Player for PC is moving closer than ever to a full-fledged iTunes competitor on Wednesday; the app now features an integrated Amazon MP3 storefront where users can buy songs and albums directly without visiting Until now, transactions had to be conducted over the web, though it has never taken long for freshly Continue Reading →
Enterprises are using the cloud more readily for operations, sending more business-critical applications into the cloud and therefore requiring different security needs, according to a new report from Verizon. The firms’ ‘State of the Enterprise Cloud Report’ finds that enterprise use of cloud technology grew by 90 percent between January 2012 and June 2013. Verizon Continue Reading →