If you are having trouble viewing our video player, check out MediaBytes on YouTube. Disney mega-star Miley Cyrus gets racy for Annie Lebowitz and Vanity Fair, or does she? Check out my commentary on the Shelly Palmer blog. MICROSOFT walked away from its bid to acquire YAHOO. Not willing to go hostile, the software Continue Reading →
YAHOO signed a deal that will allow users to legally upload videos containing SONY BMG music to Yahoo’s video-sharing site. Sony BMG will receive a cut of advertising revenue generated by videos, which can be placed in a Yahoo.com player or embedded on third-party sites. Sony BMG cut a similar deal with Google Video and Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 11.09.2007

NBC is in talks to acquire Quarterlife, the “TV-quality” series that debuts this Sunday on MySpace. The pending deal has been spurred by the Writers Guild strike and may bring the show to NBC as early as February. Quarterlife is currently scheduled to run for 36 eight-minute episodes online. Show creator Marshall Herskovitz recently expressed Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 11.06.2007

JEFF BEWKES will replace Richard Parsons as the CEO of Time Warner, effective January 1st. The move comes after months of speculation about Parsons’ future at the company and pressure from Wall Street due to a sagging stock price. Parsons will remain Chairman of Time Warner and said that Bewkes has his “full support” as Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 09.20.2007

NBC UNIVERSAL plans to launch NBC Direct this November. The service allows consumers to download NBC shows for free, for one week immediately following broadcast. Downloaded shows will contain commercials that cannot be skipped, and will expire after one week. NBC U plans to offer paid, commercial-free downloads by mid-2008. ABC has struck a deal Continue Reading →

MediaBytes 08.22.2007

YOUTUBE will unveil a new advertising model today. Semi-transparent overlays will appear on the bottom of videos a few seconds after each clip begins. Viewers will be able to close the overlay, click it to launch an advertisement, or wait for it to fade away. YouTube tested formats with 200 advertisers, and found this approach Continue Reading →