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Free, weekly online networking salons open to all qualified attendees

Thursdays from 11:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Zoom

Imagine that you’re walking the halls of your favorite trade show, about to bump into exactly the right person who will propel your business forward.

Remember that serendipity?

That’s exactly what the Shelly Palmer Online Networking Salon re-creates.

Join us for a weekly 25-minute online networking session that brings together the best and brightest minds.

We continually curate the list of attendees to ensure that you are in the right room with the right people.

The goal is simple: introduce yourself to (and network with) one another.

This week (June 24), we’re talking about the gaming boom (and what that means for the tech industry as a whole).

The gaming industry is hotter than ever. A year spent inside, coupled with new gaming consoles (the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5), new video cards (the NVIDIA GEFORCE 3000 series), and new advancements (ray tracing, etc.), plus Microsoft’s ambitious xCloud and Game Pass plans have all made it a great time to be a gamer!

In this salon, we’ll discuss…

  • Did spending the past year indoors make you any more of a gamer?
  • Twitch has become a huge destination for gamers. Have you spent any significant time on the platform? Has it inspired you to be creative in any new and meaningful way?
  • The gaming industry has redefined its methods of both storytelling and delivery. Will we see other entertainment industries follow in its footsteps?

This is a free, weekly online networking salon open to all qualified attendees.



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