Women Championing Women Networking Event

Free, weekly online networking salons by invitation only

Wednesdays from 11:05 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. ET on Zoom

Join us for a weekly 25-minute online networking session that brings together the best and brightest minds.

Led by The Palmer Group’s EVP Alexis Zinberg, Women Championing Women is a weekly 25-minute salon focused on discussing the most timely topics important to women.

Joining in this space ensures you have a chance to voice questions and concerns, as well as champion others leading the way.

The goal is simple: introduce yourself to (and network with) one another.

This week (April 14), we’re talking about how to celebrate failure.

Failure is difficult, but failure helps us grow and improve and become better and stronger. Future opportunities aren’t just a result of what happens today, but also what doesn’t happen today.

In this salon, we’ll discuss…

  • Failing fast: embracing the freedom to fail and the ability to succeed faster the next time.
  • Failing forward: steps everyone can take to learn from setbacks and create a path toward success.
  • Failing by design: identify failure and success before you launch an initiative, convert assumptions into knowledge, and limit the uncertainty.

I didn’t fail one thousand times. The light bulb is an invention that requires 1000 steps. I have learned 1000 ways how not to make a light bulb.” – Thomas Edison

This is a free, weekly online networking salon. Request an invitation below.



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