U.S. Government Warned of 9/11-Like Cyber Attack

Cyber Attacks Ahead

Cyber Attacks Ahead

Is the Internet facing “the cyber equivalent of the World Trade Center attack?” According to a former security chief, the U.S. has already received its “9/11 warning” for a cyber-attack that could take down the banks, power and ultimately cripple the economy. Former U.S. Intelligence Chief John “Mike” McConnell, who served under President Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama, told the Financial News the U.S. has already been warned about a huge potential cyber threat that could have a tremendous negative impact on the country. Read the full story at Mashable.



Shelly Palmer

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  1. Paula Lynn says:

    HUmongous need, humongous cost, humongous spend for tax payers not spent 25+ years ago. I would add – Mike, talk to Mitch, but Tory Mitch is tone deaf outside his realm who can just about push the down button on the elevator. What we do not understand, we tend to dismiss.

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